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Tower of Fantasy: Free Falling Achievements Guide

Do this to get the Free Falling Achievement




Games have achievements that can be obtained by completing certain tasks. In Tower of Fantasy, some of these achievements are a bit tricky to obtain, such as the Free Falling Achievements. But don’t worry. You have this guide to help you complete them and gain some rewards.

Free Falling Achievements Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Achievements in Tower of Fantasy can be found in the Terminal icon. Click on three hexagon icons on the upper right side of the screen. There are 4 sections in the Terminal: Achievements, Chronicles, Missions, and Story.

Achievements have tons of rewards, and one of those set is 5 Gold Nucleus, 5 Proof of Purchase, and a Mighty Mushroom. You are given Achievement Points every time you unlock a certain achievement. There are rewards for a specific amount of points from the Overview category.

One of the Achievements is the Free Falling Achievement, where you will need to fall from a remarkable height and survive.

Obtaining the Free Falling Achievement

This achievement can be obtained in the Banges Shelter. Teleport to the Spacerift located in the Shelter. In front of the shelter facing the sea, there are three balloons with spikes on top of them. Hop on top of the balloon on the right.

Go to the end of the spike and dropdown. Do not jump, but you can dash or dodge to the front. If you die, just try again. Doing this will get you the Free Falling achievement.

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