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Tower of Fantasy: Artificial Island Mushroom Puzzle Guide

The Artificial Island has One of the Most Difficult Mushroom Puzzles in all of Aida.




The Mushroom Puzzles at earlier map areas are one of the quickest ways to earn you a black nucleus. With the latest instalment of the Artificial Island, challenge difficulties are not restricted to just the main content. it even ramps up the difficulty of something as easy as Mushroom Puzzles.

The Mushroom Puzzle Mini-Game lets you activate a series of mushrooms in the area to unlock a gold nucleus. You unlock the prize by jumping on top of the mushrooms from the smallest one up to the largest in that order.

Doing these will give you a gold nucleus as a prize. Having 10 pieces of these will give you a chance to pull for items in the weapon banner 10 times.

In this guide, we will be showing you where to find the newest and perhaps the most difficult mushroom guide to date, the Artificial Island mushroom puzzle in Tower of Fantasy.

Mushroom Puzzle Guide at the Artificial Puzzle in Tower of Fantasy

First, we will be guiding you on how to get to the Mushroom Puzzle area. Do this by climbing on top of the stone wall between Puzzle Lake to the Left, Base Zero to the Right and Eyrie directly below it on your map. Here, you will have to go through the blue triangle rift portal that will take you to an island southeast of the Puddled lake.

You will be transported to a part of the island where there will be a mushroom on your left. Disregard that for now and use your jetpack to take you to the topmost area where there will be 5 more mushrooms scattered.

Starting the Mushroom Mini-game sequence

To start your mushroom activation. Jump on the smallest mushroom first. That will be the middle mushroom where there would be three more mushrooms in front and one behind it.

Second mushroom on the top right from the smallest

To keep things simple, we will refer to the other mushroom sequence from the smallest mushroom. After activating it, head over to the top right mushroom and jump on it to make it glow.

Third mushroom on the top left from the  smallest

Jump back to the ground and make your way to the top left mushroom. It’s the one near the end of the cliff.

Fourth Mushroom on the bottom from the smallest

Head back towards the first mushroom you activated. Below it will be a bigger mushroom. Hop on it and prepare your jetpack for the fifth one.

Fifth Mushroom on the island where you first got transported

Head back and glide your way towards the first island you got transported to. You will find a solitary mushroom there. Head towards it to activate the fifth sequence and use your jetpack to fly back up to the island with the five mushrooms.

Sixth Mushroom at the top of the smallest

The last mushroom you will have to activate will be the biggest mushroom of the bunch directly above the smallest mushroom you first activated.

Head over to it and jump on the mushroom. This will unlock the  Gold Nucleus that will spawn above the first mushroom you activated. Head over to it and jump on the mushroom to give you an added boost to snag the gold nucleus from the air.

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