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Tower of Fantasy: How to get the Omnium Shield Relic

Tower of Fantasy Doesn’t have a dedicated Block Button. You can dodge attacks from enemies but when faced with a band of ranged attackers, dodging can be a bit tricky.




Although there isn’t a command to manually block incoming projectiles, Tower of Fantasy allows players to shield against them via the Omnium Shield Relic.

Interested? Today we are going to guide you on how to get one of the useful defensive tools for your arsenal, the Omnium Shield Relic.

How to Unlock Omnium Shield Relic in Tower of Fantasy

Like in all Relics, the first step would be for you to farm 30 pieces of Omnium Shield Shards. To do this, just head over to Ruin D-01 and clear the dungeon with any difficulty. The difficulty of the dungeons have level caps though, so clear the dungeons on the difficulty level you can enter.

Shards From Gifts

If you haven’t used your gift shard yet for getting any of the other Relic shards, now would be a good time to grab those. Just be sure to select the Omnium Shield shards. These gifts are given to you at the global launch event.

Claire’s Dream Machine

Another way to get these is through the Mini-Game at Claire’s Dream Machine. You get random relic shards here so getting a specific Omnium Shield shard isn’t a guarantee.

Omnium Shield In Action

Once you have the shards in your inventory Combine them to unlock the Omnium Shield Relic.

When activated, this item gives you an omnium shield in front of you. It blocks incoming ranged attacks making you immune to those for the duration of the relic. The shield durability of the shield is based on 200% of your characters max Hp and at higher star levels, it increases the shield duration up to 20 seconds, grants you 2% frost damage reduction and enemies that touch the shield would be slowed by 50% for 2 seconds.

The best time to use the omnium shield is when facing multiple projectile enemies. That way, when you activate the shield it nullifies all range attacks while you focus on clearing melee attackers first, before switching on to them.

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