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X4 Foundations: Oberth Location

The Orbeth is a ship required for a mission in the space simulator X4: Foundations. But where is it located?




The Oberth is a ship that’s part of the Terran Cadet’s story added in the Cradle of Humanity DLC expansion. At one point, you’re told to deliver some antimatter cells to the Orbeth. But finding it can be a tad tough. This guide should give you some tips to locate it with ease.

Oberth’s Location in X4 Foundations

Locating the Oberth can be tough. First off, it’s not stationary. The ship is moving around as you look for it, which can make it somewhat annoying. Thankfully, the game’s guidance system should highlight it with a yellow circle in your HUD. Gates leading to the sector in which the Orbeth is located are also highlighted in yellow. However, this relies on you already having found the sector in which it is, which isn’t guaranteed by any means.

Locating the Orbeth Without Knowing its Sector

What to do if you haven’t found the sector where the Orbeth is? Well, you’ll have to start exploring and scanning. Use your long-range scan from your ship to locate distant structures. With this you can look for the Orbeth and gates leading to other sectors. Once you’re close to the Orbeth, it will be highlighted in your HUD with a yellow circle. Note that the ship doesn’t stray too far from your own HQ’s area, so you shouldn’t have to explore too far into space.

Ask Friendly Ships for Help

Additionally, you can ask any friendly ships for directions. Open comms with them and select the “Where can I find” option. There should be an option highlighted with a circle next to it. This should lead you the next sector in the mission, leading you towards the Orbeth. This works for every mission, keep it in mind in case you get lost.

Sadly, the game has a lot of randomized elements. On top of that, the Orbeth is constantly moving, albeit slowly. This makes it impossible to pinpoint one exact location for the ship. It’s different for every player. But hopefully these tips will help you locate it faster.

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