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X4 Foundations: Fallen Families Location

The Fallen Families can be one of the most annoying pirate faction in the game. But resolving any issues with them would require you to know the location of their base…




If you’ve been playing X4 Foundations for a long time, there’s a huge chance the Fallen Families have gotten under your skin quite a few times. You’d probably want to know the location of their home base, to take the fight to them.

Fallen Families Location in X4 Foundations

Fallen Families Location in X4 Foundations

Unfortunately, Fallen Families does not have a base. A similarly named faction, Free Families, has one in Tharka’s Ravine VIII, but they don’t have much to do with the pirates. However, a lot of Free Families ports happen to build Fallen Families ships, but that’s because of the nature of this pirate faction. In fact, if you have some stations in this system, the pirates might use your ports to build some ships for themselves too!

How Fallen Families Work

Depending on your story choices, there might be one particular mission that requires you to fight a Fallen Families Raptor, but that’s their main role in the game besides attacking your unguarded cargo ships.

But, they have their own reputation statistic, and unlike their counterpart faction, Scale Plate Pact, it can actually be influenced by your actions. It doesn’t seem like there’s much you can do to improve it, though. Your best bet, in most cases, is to simply fight them and keep some combat ships near Free Families shipyards, to restrict the production of more pirate ships.

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