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X4 Foundations: Methane Locations

Methane is one of the most important resources used for terraforming in X4 Foundations, yet many players have trouble finding any.




Though every new game you play in X4 Foundations slightly changes the placement of resources on the map, there are only a few locations where some of them can spawn. So, here are the best places to mine Methane in X4 Foundations.

Methane Locations in X4 Foundations

Methane Locations in X4 Foundations

The two absolutely best places to mine Methane are The Void, slightly west of Argos Prime, and the Black Hole Sun, one system southeast of Argos Prime. 18 billion systems should also have a noticeable amount of methane. Other sectors that have a lot of this gas, although not as much as the three mentioned above are the Grand Exchange, Family Zhin, Family Nhuut, Trinity Sanctum VII, and the Pontifexs Claim.

Probes Not Finding Methane

One problem a lot of players face is that even when sending scouts to sectors where there should be a lot of Methane, they don’t seem to find any. That’s because the game limits the probes used by scouts heavily in comparison to those you can leave manually. And it just so happens that a lot of Methane is usually located in tricky places, where the scouts simply don’t look

So, make sure to always visit a sector with methane yourself, and preferably set a mining station there. You can also cheese the game a bit, by ordering your miners to automate for Methane – they will immediately stop moving if there isn’t any in the sector, which can save you the trouble of looking for it.

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Grounded: How to Find the Power Droplet Trinket

Tutorial on how to get the power droplet trinker.





The Power Droplet Trinket is an item perfect for the players who love monk builds in other games – you know what that is: punching stuff.  It’s part of the new Trinkets added into the game, accessories you can equip for Special Bonuses. They appear over the backyard and some as random loot drops.

Luckily for us, the Power Droplet Trinket is assured, if you can get to it. In this guide I’ll show you how to get your Power Droplet Trinket.

The Effects of Power Droplet Trinket

The Power Droplet Trinket will grant you Fury, a buff that makes unarmed attacks trigger additional attacks and lets them benefit from perk and status effects, even if they are meant for other weapons.

This is to say, if you have a mutation that enhances Axe damage, this enhancement will also apply to your unarmed attacks.

How to Find the Power Droplet Trinket in Grounded

You can get the Power Droplet Trinket by exploring the brick wall near and up the Compost Box. Get to the roof from where you can see the garbage bags lower down.

Walk over the edge and search through the gaps in the bricks for a mark on it.

Images Credit: JADECRAFT

Drop once you’ve seen it and then go right. Drop at the end of that brick and turn around, this time going opposite direction. Drop down once again; turn around once one more time and walk forward, your trinket will be around here.

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