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X4 Foundations: How to Scan

This guide will help you make use of the scan feature in the space simulation game X4: Foundations.




Scanning in X4: Foundations is pretty useful too. It lets you see the modules used by ships and stations. It also lets you see the resources available from asteroids. On top of that, you also have a long-range scan to detect far-away structures. Here’s how to use the different scan types.

How to Scan in X4 Foundations

Before we begin, you should know that you can scan both on ships and while in your spacesuit. These scans serve different purposes. Scanning with a ship will give you information about the area surrounding the ship. Things such as station modules and asteroids will be scanned and color-coded, for example. Scanning while in your spacesuit is mostly used to scan signal leaks and is required for some missions.

Scanning from a Ship

There are two types of scans while on a ship. There’s the regular scan mode and long-range scan mode.

Let’s go over scan mode first. To activate scan mode, press Shift + 2. Your ship will need to be fairly close to whatever you’re trying to scan. Right-click on the target to scan and choose the Scan option from the menu. You can also just press Shift + F if you already have a target selected. There will be a circle in your HUD and the scan target has to be within this circle. Simply keep a proper distance and keep the target within the circle until the scan process completes.

Long-range scan mode is activated by pressing Shift + 3. While in this mode, press the R key and release it with the right timing. You’ll hear a sound that ramps up in intensity. You want to release it before it becomes too intense. This will send a scan wave from your ship. This helps you mark things such as distant structures and the like, which will now appear on your map.

Scanning While in Your Spacesuit

You can scan from your spacesuit while outside your ship. This is done similarly to scanning from a ship. First press Shift + 2 to enter scan mode. Then you’ll have to right-click on whatever you wish to scan and choose Scan from the menu. It ultimately works much like the regular scan does from the ship. However, unlike the ship’s scan, this can be used to scan stations’ signal leaks. In fact, that is the main use of scanning from your spacesuit. Keep that in mind when the game tells you to scan signal leaks!

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