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X4 Foundations: How to Sell Ships

Selling ships is one of the many ways you can get money in the space simulation game X4: Foundations. Here’s how to sell ships.




If you find yourself in need of some extra funds in X4: Foundations, selling ships is a good way to get quick money. Particularly, this can be done at any moment you want. It’s always a good option that allows you to get money instantly. Here’s a simple how-to of the process.

How to Sell Ship in X4 Foundations

Selling ships in X4: Foundations is somewhat simple. Though what might confuse some players is that this can only be done from the map view. When in the map view, click on the ships you wish to sell. Now you have to look for a station. When you find the station you wish to sell to, right-click and select Sell.

One thing you definitely want to do here is to try to sell primarily to shipyards. Selling unwanted ships to shipyards is extremely profitable, which makes it a great option whenever you need some quick funds.

You can also sometimes sell ships to factions when they request them. This is more straightforward as the game guides you when this happens but it’s a random occurrence. Selling ships manually as previously described is generally better for quick funds.

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