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The Cycle Frontier: Where is the SOS Sign | The Work Part 1

Most missions in Cycle Frontier are pretty self-explanatory, but Doing the Work Part 1 gives you very little directions…




Doing the Work Part 1 is a quest that you might have some trouble with if you’re expecting a clear goal. But the missions are actually unbelievably easy if you know what you’re doing.

Where is the SOS Sign in Cycle Frontier

The mission description mentions that the SOS sign you’re looking for can be found on some sort of beach. The beach in question is found on the Bright Sands map, south of the water facility, a little bit to the left. The location will have a whole lot of rubble scattered around, so it should be easy to find. Simply arriving at the location will finish the quest.

Possible Complications

Of course, being a PvP game, the main source of complications will probably be other players.  Though this location isn’t exactly a hot spot when it comes to resources, you might get unlucky and stumble upon others doing the same mission as you.

 Still, the place is at the edge of a map and it can be entered from a few directions, so there’s a low possibility that you’ll have trouble getting there unless someone will decide to camp there.

If you’re having trouble, you might need to wait for a time of the day when the servers aren’t populated. You shouldn’t encounter any other problems, and the location is relatively close to a drop point, so you should be able to complete this mission in a couple of minutes.

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