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The Cycle Frontier: Race to The Bottom Part 2 Atrium Location

Explore the new map Tharis by completing the Race to The Bottom.




The third location of The Cycle Frontier is a mysterious type of map. Many wonders need to be explored including the areas that have surroundings with unusual appearances. By this, we are talking about the Atrium Location.

When you are playing the Tharis Island Quest, you will encounter a task called Race to The Bottom. This quest is divided into three parts. And for each part, there are a few things that you have to finish doing in order to move on to the next part.

For this task, your objectives are to go to Tharis island, hunt some weird creatures, and look for proof of what happened to the colonists.

However, this map is a newly added one from the new season. Having said that, players are still not familiar with the new locations. So, we made this short guide to help you finish the Race to The Bottom Part 2.

Race to The Bottom Part 2 Atrium Location in The Cycle Frontier

To locate the Atrium area, access the map and go look for the Korolev Core Outpost. Follow the location and you will see there a dark cave with some weird creatures.

Inside this, you will encounter some creatures that you have to hunt as part of the mission. Other than that, you also have to look for some traces and proofs of what had happened to the colonists that went here.

To go look for the proofs that you have to deliver, enter the area. Once you enter, you will see two different paths: one from the left and one from the right. Go to the left one and go follow the path.

Once you have noticed that the walls and the plants looked a little different, then it is an indication that you are already inside the atrium and the proof you are looking for is somewhere near.

When you enter the atrium location, face right and you will see a skeleton of a dead person. Beside the skeleton is a broken case. You can see the proof placed on top of the case.

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