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The Cycle Frontier: Race to the Bottom Part 1 Colonist Group Location

Don’t be the last one in the race. Learn how to start the Race to The Bottom.




The newly added map to The Cycle Frontier, Tharis Island, has also added new quests and missions for you to do with your friends or solo. One of the first quests is the Race to the Bottom. This is divided into three parts. While doing this, you will the chance to familiarize the map.

Since this is still a new map for everyone, players are having difficulties finding the locations of some items that need to be found. With that, we made this guide for you.

This short guide will tell you all the locations that you need to go to in the Race to The Bottom Part 1.

Race to The Bottom Part 1 Colonist Group Location in The Cycle Frontier

The task that you have to finish in the first part of this quest is finding the three colonist groups from different locations.

For the first colonist group, you can find it by going to the Sparkling Pool Cave. When you take a look at the map, you will see the location of the Sparkling Pool Cave on the east side of the map.

When you arrive at this place, go to the sparkling pool itself and you will see an elevated lad. Make your way up there and you will see a dark and narrow area. Take a walk over there and you will see a skeleton. That is the first colonist group.

The next will be in the Korolev Quarry. If you take a look at the map, you can see it slightly eastern from the middle of the map.

Go to the Korolev Island HQ, head to the right side, then turn left when you see the big, metal cage on the left side. From there, head up the stairs and you will see a table with a skeleton. This is the second colonist group.

The last location will be in the Cave of Stars. It is on the western part of the map.

When you enter the cave, you can go here by going inside the section surrounded by a white cage. It is a bit hidden, but you can find it easily if you explore the inside.

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