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The Cycle Frontier: What Items to Keep or Sell in Season 3 | Loot Guide

Overwhelmed by all the loot in The Cycle Frontier? Let us help.




The Cycle: Frontier has a lot of loot for players to sift through. With so much stuff, it’s hard to tell what’s even worth keeping!

But fret not, as we’ll tell you which items to keep and which ones to sell in this short guide.

What to Keep and Sell in Season 3 of The Cycle Frontier

Source: The Cycle: Frontier

If you’re starting out, you should ideally try to hoard everything you can. Every single item and resource will be useful to you at one point or another.

So, if you can avoid it, try to not sell any of your items.

Later on, as you get more used to the game, you will start to notice which items you can do without and sell. But early on? Try to hoard absolutely everything you can.

After all, there are certain important items you should never drop. That said, here are the ones that are particularly worth keeping:

  • Sample Containers – These are incredibly rare, so you should count yourself lucky if you find them to begin with!
  • Veltecite Materials – These are rare materials that you will need later on for powerful upgrades. Keep them so you don’t need to farm later.
  • Meteor Fragments and Cores – These items are required for some early quests and some upgrades to your Quarters.
Source: The Cycle: Frontier

Again, instead of selling anything, consider just keeping it all. Alternatively, consider trading with other players instead of selling things.

The only exception to this rule is probably the Old Currency items. These are basically only meant to be used to trade for cash. Still, some players like to use these in trades.

As said previously, you will eventually start to realize which items you can do without. Complete all quests or exhaust your upgrades and you won’t have use for these items.

When that happens, consider trading them with other players or even just giving them away to your friends if they need help.

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