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The Cycle Frontier: How to Kill Marauders in Season 2

The Cycle Frontier Season 2 gives “Jeff” brand new attack patterns




The Cycle Frontier’s Season 2 has finally kicked off. The game is known to have many savage beasts roaming the abandoned Alien Worlds the player wanders in. One such terrifying creature is the Marauder or otherwise called in the community “Jeff”.

The Marauder is a big blue reptile-like creature with sharp claws and teeth. The coming of this new season means an overhaul of new attack patterns for the deadly creatures.  This guide will help you how to kill the new Marauders in The Cycle Frontier. Let’s get to it.

How to Kill Marauders?

Previously, the Marauders had only two attack patterns. A ranged spit and a charge swipe. Now, “Jeff” has 2 melee attacks and 2 ranged attacks.

The key to defeating any enemy in this game is familiarizing yourself with their attack patterns. Let’s take a close look at the new Marauder.

His first melee attack is a single claw swipe at close range with his mouth closed. While his second melee attack is a double swipe with his mouth open. Marauder’s mouth opening is a crucial fact. Shooting his mouth will deal critical damage and knockbacks.

His first ranged attack is the ranged spit. While his second attack he lobs a meatball-like substance that deals damage with its residue.

What is the Best Tactic to Use?

The bottom line is that “Jeff” is much deadlier now.

Luckily, we know the best way to deal with him. The best and safest tactic against him is to attack him during his ranged attacks.  During his ranged attacks, it’s a guarantee his mouth will be open, giving you the chance to deal critical damage to him while he’s busy.

This is the safest tactic especially when you don’t have great equipment.

When you see him pacing back and forth, it means that he’s getting ready to do his ranged attack. To specifically trigger his ranged attack, you must be on the unequal ground to him like gaining elevation on a hill or going down a trench.

Run around, go on the higher ground make him think that he has to use his ranged attacks to kill you!

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