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The Cycle Frontier: Best Dead Drops Locations

If you want to get more reputation, money and tickets quickly in Cycle Frontier, memorizing each dead drop location will become a necessity.




Quests given by traders follow a simple formula – get specific items and place them in the specified “dead drop” locations. Seems simple, but you’ll need to find the dead drop locations on your own, which might be a little tricky. So, here are all the Dead Drops locations on both maps.

Best Dead Drops Locations in Cycle Frontier

Best Dead Drops Locations in Cycle Frontier

Although it’s hard to say which dead drop locations are the “best” ones, you’d generally want to use those away from areas with a lot of players, as you can get easily killed when trying to drop your stuff. In other words, the farther from the center, the better. Also, remember to always press the “Deposit Items” button, once you’ll store the items – otherwise, the quest won’t be finished.

All Bright Sands Dead Drop Locations

All Bright Sands Dead Drop Locations
  1. Inside Base Camp, near Gate A.
  2. Inside Base Camp, near Gate C, next to a big box behind a small, red bridge.
  3. Inside Base Camp, on a shelf at the end of the dark, corridor-like part of the Main Office
  4. Southwest of the Swamp camp, under the big skeleton
  5. In the Deep Underground elevator, inside the East Collection Point
  6. Inside Waterfall Camp, under the desk in the middle portion of the building
  7. Near the Comms Tower, next to the Satellite Dish
  8. Behind the Comms Tower

All Crescent Falls Dead Drop Locations

All Crescent Falls Dead Drop Locations
  1. Among the boxes near the storage room near the Nutrion Farms Processing
  2. In the Nutrion Office, under the cubicle
  3. At Green’s Prospect, on the shelf in the Fulfillment Center
  4. Near Green’s Prospect, in the Garage Office
  5. In the Stockpile Shop at Green’s Prospect, behind the racks at the back of the ground floor, hidden under by a big metal plate
  6. In the Starport Admin’s Cafeteria, at the top floor
  7. In the Starport Admin’s Server Room, on the second floor,
  8. At the southwestern edge of the Pinnacle Labs

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