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The Cycle Frontier: How to Make Money Fast

While there are many ways to make money in The Cycle: Frontier, there’s currently one method that can get you money very fast.




Money is an important resource in The Cycle: Frontier. This guide will tell you of a very good method to get a lot of K-Marks quick. On top of that, you’ll earn lots of FP by selling items to factions.

How to Make Money Fast in The Cycle Frontier

Making money in The Cycle: Frontier can be done in many ways. Even passively, if you upgrade your generators in your quarters. But that requires upgrading, which requires both money and resources to begin with. But there’s one great method currently in the game.

Preamble and Strategy

What you want to do for this money-making method is to deploy to the Crescent Falls map. Particularly in the Pinnacle Labs location, found on the northeastern corner of the map. This area has many crates with good weapons, medical supplies and other rare items. There are also many Dustbloom flowers in this part of the map, being the desert biome. Each one of these flowers sell for 1500 K-Marks and 50 FP.

Another key note is that, if a Storm happens, the loot in the area resets. This means you can loot the laboratory again if you brave the storm. You have to leave the laboratory and come back after the storm clears out, however.

It’s possible to make over 40000 K-Marks with every looting run in this map, not to mention you also get lots of FP by selling items. It’s a pretty quick method. You can also use a cheaper loadout for this, since you’ll primarily focus on looting. Just take a backpack, some stims and a pistol and you’re set.

What to do Once you Deploy

As soon as you deploy, you’ll want to start making your way towards the laboratory. Sometimes you might spawn closer while other times you’ll be further away. Regardless, make your way to the lab in the top right corner of the map.

As you do, keep an eye out for the purple flowers. These are the Dustblooms previously mentioned and they spawn in this desert area. It’s recommended to put these flowers in your safe pockets so that they aren’t lost in case you die. This means you’re guaranteed to make money even if you die.

If you stumble upon any dangerous mobs as you make your way to the lab, you can run pass them. It’s easier than it looks, though it can be intimidating for sure. Once you get the hang of it, however, the mobs won’t bother you at all.

When you finally reach the lab, you’ll want to go up the stairs quickly. The mobs have a hard time chasing and attacking you when you’re in the upper area here. Now you just have to look around for crates and loot everything you can get your hands on. There are also a lot of Dustblooms in the ground below and near the lab. Pick up every single one you can.

When you are done with the lab, you can head east of the lab and find some buildings. These buildings have a good number of crates that usually have very good weapons. Loot everything you can just like with the lab.

That’s pretty much it. Once you’re done, just Evac out and go sell all your loot!

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