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Dying Light 2: Angel of Villedor Blueprint Location

Smite zombies with this godlike poleaxe!




The Angel of Villedor is a new polearm weapon added to Dying Light 2 with its anniversary update, but you’ll first need to find the location of its blueprint to get it.

Thankfully, the blueprint is the target of one of the new sidequests, so it’s impossible to miss. Sadly, the quest can be finicky to start.

In this short guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to hunt down the blueprint for the powerful Angel of Villedor poleaxe!

Where to Find the Angel of Villedor | Blueprint Location

The Peace Keepers' Floating Fortress

The Angel of Villedor polearm blueprint is a reward for the “Holy Manuscript” quest. You can start this quest from the quest board in front of the Peace Keepers’ Floating Fortress ship, in The Wharf.

Do note that it will only appear on the quest board in front of the ship, not the one actually inside the ship!

Holy Manuscript quest

The tricky part is that there seems to be no exact trigger for the quest to pop up on the quest board. You simply need to complete the other quests available and hope that “Holy Manuscript” pops up next!

Timing for the quest’s availability varies for every player, and it’s unknown if this is due to a bug or what.

Nonetheless, the only thing you can do is to complete quests at the Floating Fortress until “Holy Manuscript” becomes available…

Church of Saint Thomas

Once you take on the quest, you’ll need to head to the Church of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul Island. It’son the northeastern corner of the map, as shown above.

Dying Light 2: Angel of Villedor Blueprint Location - Combat

Make sure you’re ready before heading into the church, though, as there are loads of regular zombies and a strong Goon.

If you have already unlocked guns, now would be a great time to use them!

The blueprint in the church

Wreck the zombie fools to clear the area and then approach the altar at the front of the church. You’ll find the blueprint for the Angel of Villedor atop the table, out in plain view.

Crafting the Angel of Villedor

Now just bring it to any Craftmaster you want to have them make this powerful unique polearm weapon for you!

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