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Dying Light 2: How to Get the Skull Glider

Take to the skies with your new glider




Your Glider in Dying Light 2 is one of the most important tools that you have. The game has a massive map, and alongside that, there are also tons of different buildings that you can go on. Realistically, playing the game without a glider might seem impossible.

The Firearms update in Dying Light 2 has seen the addition of many cool new gear and items. One of the items that has just been released is the Skull Glider. In this guide, we will be looking at how you can get your hands on the Skull Glider!

How to Get the Skull Glider

side quest that gives you the skull glider in Dying Light 2

The Skull Glider can be unlocked through the “Boost Transmission Rate” side quest. Like many other quests in the game, this quest can be started through Job Boards. Upon completing the quest, you will get the Skull Glider as a reward.

If the sidequest for the Skull Glider isn’t showing up, you will need to complete some of the other sidequests on the Job Board. Once you complete some, the “Boost Transmission Rate” quest should appear.

Other than the Skull Glider, a lot of other items have also been added to the game with the Firearms update. You can unlock cool new weapons like the Scorpio and take down enemies with style.

Completing the Quest

Accepting the quest through the Job Board will put the marker for it on your map. There are 2 parts to the “Boost Transmission Rate” quest.

first part of the quest

First, you will need to repair the Radio Tower. The quest marker will lead you toward the Radio Tower, and all you will need to do is interact with it.

Once the Radio Tower is repaired, you will need to power up the transmitter. Compared to the first part of the quest, this one is a little bit trickier. To power up the transmitter, you will need to connect a wire between 2 ports.

first port that you need to connect the wire in

The quest markers should lead you to the 2 locations you need to plug the wire in. Once you’ve put the wire in one of the ports, you will need to do a little bit of parkour to get to the other port.

the jump that you have to make to get to the rooftop with the second port

From the platform that you are on, you will need to jump down to get to the other port. The jumping part can be a bit tricky because the building is a bit far.

To make the jump, take a run-up and slide just before jumping from the edge. This should help you clear more distance and successfully get to the platform below.

rewards upon completing the quest

Connect the wire to the other port, and that will complete the quest. The rewards for the quest, including the Skull Glider, will automatically get added to your inventory.

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