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Dying Light 2 Firearms Update: How to Get the Scorpio

Get the infinite durability shotgun!




With the Dying Light 2 Firearms update dropping, there are a ton of new toys to play with. By toys, we mean guns, of course. Some of these guns are found in a roundabout way, requiring the usage of Pilgrim Outposts.

One of these weapons is the Scorpio. We’ll help you figure out the process to obtain it!

How to Get the Scorpio

To get the Scorpio weapon, you need to activate bounties and complete them. After that, you can claim the rewards. To activate the bounties, head to this website

How to Get the Scorpio

Here, all you have to do is log into the website and then link your gaming platform. You can do this by making use of these options on the website. 

Log In In Dying Light 2

Once in-game, you’ll be able to see the Tracked Bounties

Tracked Bounties in Dying Light 2

These are random for each month, but they’re generally self-explanatory and easy to complete. Some examples would be:

  • Defeat enemies with finishers
  • Cut off infected limbs
  • Survive 80 seconds of a chase
  • Complete a parkouring challenge

Once you’ve completed these bounties, you can head back to the website to claim your Scorpio.

Claiming Rewards in Dying Light 2

Once all of the bounty rewards have been claimed, you can claim the Week reward of Scorpio! While the process can be a bit of a hassle, it all seems worth it when you have your shiny new gun.

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