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Dying Light 2: Where to Find the Gre Decoder

Scan the world with the GRE Decoder!




decoder feature Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 features a bunch of items you can collect and use. These can be used for offensive actions, or more rarely, for exploration. The GRE decoder is one such item, and it is very important.

Dying Light 2 recently got a new update called the Stay Human update. Some players have been wondering where they can find the GRE Decoder in the new update. We’re here to help you out with that.

Where to Find the Gre Decoder

You can find the GRE decoder near Floor 3. Reach the entrance, as shown in the image below. 

Where to Find the Gre Decoder

Then, head inside and move toward the back of the room. You’ll find an open doorway towards the right, go through that. 

Where to Find the Gre Decoder

Then, you’ll see a door boarded up with wooden planks. Simply slide under it to continue.

Where to Find the Gre Decoder

Now you have to head towards the leftmost side of the room. Go through the door with the GRE logo on the wall next to it.

GRE logo Dying Light 2

Towards your right, you’ll find a door with “Authorized Personnel Only” written on it. Head inside. 

door with “Authorized Personnel Only”

Head to the left through a doorway, until you reach an Elevator Shaft. Jump down it.

Climb up towards the right and go through the door that leads to a corridor. Go towards the right from this corridor. 

From here, just head straight and follow the objective marker. You’ll find the GRE Decoder lying on top of a cabinet, and you can easily get it.

You should now easily be able to locate the GRE Decoder. The path to it can be a little tricky, but it’s pretty short and you’ll find the decoder in no time!

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