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Dying Light 2: How to Fix the Lost Armory Delta Quest Glitch

Game breaking bugs that keep you from progressing are the worst…




The Dying Light 2 Firearms update has brought with it a few unfortunate bugs and glitches. While most of the time bugs aren’t too big of a problem, they can be particularly troublesome when they keep you from completing a mission. 

One such bug is the one that some players have faced during the Lost Armory quest. If you’re one of them, don’t worry, as we have a solution for you!

How to Fix the Lost Armory Delta Quest Glitch

If you have a bug where you can’t progress your Lost Armory Delta Quest, just fast-travel to another location and start another mission. This should allow you to progress past the previously bugged quest. 

First, fast travel to The Wharf location. 

The Wharf

Once there, look for the sign which says “Help! Pilgrim Needed”. Interact with it to get another mission. 

Help! Pilgrim Needed

Locate the Survivor Mission called “Priceless” and then start the mission. 

Survivor Mission Priceless in Dying Light 2

Just follow and complete this quest. Once done, go back to the Lost Armory mission and you should be able to progress now!

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