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Warframe: How to get the PHENMOR and Build Guide for the Strongest Rifle

There are many strong weapons in Warframe, but only one is considered the strongest rifle.




The Phenmor is an Incarnon ceremonial rifle recently introduced in Warframe. It is a semi-automatic that can be transformed into a heavy rapid-fire weapon after scoring some headshots. The weapon primarily deals slash damage, but its alternate fire allows it to shoot radiation damage. With a strong gun, you can easily explore the game without worrying about monsters.

How to get the PHENMOR and Build Guide for the Strongest Rifle in Warframe

This guide will teach you how to obtain the weapon’s blueprints and the requirements to craft it. We have also added some valuable and interesting builds that can fully maximize Phenmor’s potential as Warframe’s strongest rifle. Excited? So are we! Let’s get it on!

How to Obtain Phenmor

You can purchase Phenmor’s primary blueprint at Rank 2 – Watcher. Just talk to Cavalero of The Holdfasts and pay 6,000 standing.

The rifle’s manufacturing requirements are as follows:

  • 30,000 Credits
  • 15 Voidpume Pinions
  • 20 Voidpume Quills
  • 6,000 Alloy Plates
  • 15 Entrati Lanthorn

Crafting typically takes 24 hours, but you can pay 35 platinum to bypass crafting time and instantly get the weapon.

Viral Slash Build

This build is tailored for steel path disruption and is meant to be used with arcane accelerations, taking advantage of the additional 90 fire rate buff.

It doesn’t require enemy armor stripping when facing trash or weak mobs. Additionally, you need a primer for this setup.


  • Galvanized Chamber
  • Fanged Fusillade
  • Hammer Shot
  • Malignant Force
  • Primed Shred
  • Primed Bane of Grineer
  • Rime Rounds
  • Galvanized Aptitude
  • Stabilizer


  • Primary Merciless

For viral heat build, replace Fanged Fusillade, Hammer Shot, and Malignant Force with Infected Clip, Primed Cryo Rounds, and Thermite Rounds.

Using Phenmor doesn’t require you to optimize DPS as the weapon is already OP, so it’s best to prioritize having a balanced setup that you can use in different scenarios.

Raw Damage Build

This mode takes advantage of Phenmor’s raw damage and is meant to be a standalone setup for a generic steel path.

It deals a tremendous amount of damage and can easily defeat any monster on sight, proving that Phenmor is currently the strongest rifle in the game.


  • Galvanized Chamber
  • Infected Clip
  • Stormbringer
  • Hellfire
  • Primed Shred
  • Primed Bane of Corrupted
  • Galvanized Aptitude


  • Primary Deadhead

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