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Warframe: Best Mods for Beginners

Eager to dive into Warframe but you don’t know what mods to look for? Let us help.




Mods are a card-like resource that can be added to your gear in Warframe. They provide a large variety of boons, such as increasing your health or making it easier to find resources.

The game can be overwhelming for new players, however, due to how many different mods exist.

Fret not, we are here to tell you which mods you should look for as a new player! Just read on and we’ll detail each one of them.

Best Beginner Mods in Warframe

Source: Official Steam Page

Before we get started, note that mods are completely random. They are acquired from slaying enemies, vendors, and mission rewards. However, which mods you get is random.

As such, we can only recommend mods to look for but we can’t tell you where to get any specific mod.

Additionally, mods come in different ranks. The lowest rank is always Rank 0, and is the weakest version of the specific mod.

On the other hand, the highest rank ranges from 5 to 10. It depends on each mod. A higher rank means a stronger mod, giving you higher buffs.

With that out of the way, let’s go over the best mods to aim for as a beginner.

Source: Realm Space Gaming

You will want to maximize your survivability early on. Look for mods like Redirection, Vitality, and Steel Fiber. These mods will increase your shield capacity, health, and armor.

Equilibrium is also a fantastic mod for new players. It will make Health pickups also give you Energy, while also making Energy pickups give you Health. It makes resource management a lot easier.

Source: Realm Space Gaming

If you have trouble hacking, you will also want to get the Intruder mod. It gives you more time to hack, which is very helpful until you get better at it.

Lastly, you want to get Thief’s Wit. This mod will give you a Loot Radar, allowing you to find every lootable that gives materials.

You don’t need to worry too much about materials in the early game, as they are mostly used to craft gear in the end game. However, it’s best to start hoarding as soon as possible!

There you have it! Use these mods as you learn the game. When you’re more comfortable and forge your own playstyle, start experimenting with other mods that benefit your game plan better.

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