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Warframe Disruption Guide: How To Mod Melee For Maximum Damage

Show no mercy!

Nicole Barelli



warframe disruption guide how to mod melee for maximum damage

Warframe has gone from just another free-to-play online action game to a video game phenomenon! So, it’s no surprise that developer Digital Extremes continues to pump content into the game after almost a decade since its initial 2013 release. This guide centres on the Disruption update, and how to mod melee for sweet, lethal damage!

How To Mod Melee For Maximum Damage – Warframe Disruption Guide

First, you’ll want to have a Primer Epitaph build. It’s a helpful build for most melee approaches, and it’s also going to be your friend in Disruption.

For those unfamiliar with the Primer setup, here is an example of an efficient combination of Mods:

Lethal Momentum — +40% projectile speed.

Amalgam Barrel Diffusion — +110% mugshot; +60% dodge speed.

Lethal Torrent — +60% fire rate; +60% multishot.

Sure Shot — +90% Status chance.

Augur Seeker — +30% Status duration; 40% Energy spent on abilities is converted to Shields.

Frostbite — +60% Cold; +60% Status chance.

Pistol Pestilence — +60% Toxin; +60% Status chance.

Scorch — +60% Heat; +60% Status chance.

Primed Fulmination — Improves the blast radius (+44% blast radius) of weapons with radial attacks.

Second Dexterity — On melee kill: +60% damage for 20.0 seconds. Stacks up to 6 times.

warframe disruption guide how to mod melee for maximum damage2
Source: Overframe

Next, for your Melee Build, these are the Mods you’ll want to include:

Vermillion Storm — Kicks woven between spinning slashes.

Blood Rush — +40% Critical Chance stacks with Combo Multiplier.

Primed Smite Grineer — +55% Damage to Grineer.

Condition Overload — +80% Melee Damage per Status Type affecting the target.

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Organ Shatter — +90% Critical Damage.

Gladiator Might — +60% Critical Damage.

Gladiator Vice — +30% Attack Speed.

Quickening — +40% Attack Speed; +20% Combo Count Chance

Weeping Wounds — +40% Status Chance per Combo Multiplier.

For Configuration B, you could replace a few Mods if that better suits your playstyle:

Amalgam Organ Shatter replaces Organ Shatter: +85% Critical Damage; +60% Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed.

Reflex Coil replaces Gladiator Vice: +60% Heavy Attack Efficiency.

Sacrificial Steel replaces Weeping Wounds: +220% Critical Chance (x2 for Heavy Attacks); +33% Damage to Sentients.

warframe disruption guide how to mod melee for maximum damage3
Source: Marvelous Marvin from YouTube

Now, some Mods that will not help you here include Primed Reach, Virulent Scourge, Vicious Frost, and Berserker Fury.

But that’s it! Have fun out there, ninja!

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