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Warframe: Best Kuva Farm | Arbitration Ogris Guide

The best Kuva farming method is to utilize the Kuva Ogris weapon to shred enemies on small maps.




Kuva is a unique material that becomes available after completing the War Within quest. Later on, cycling Riven will be the primary use for this material, which can also be utilized to construct weapons and warframes.

Due to their capacity to change Rivens, which will enhance weaponry beyond their capabilities, Kuva is crucial for late-game development.

Best Kuva Farm in Warframe (Arbitration Ogris Guide)

A special game mode called the Arbitrations is intended for more seasoned players and shouldn’t be undertaken until you are confident that you can defeat a particular game format.

They are more complex versions of endless modes. You can only join Arbitration missions if your Warframe is level 30 and completely maxed.

The other requirement is that in order to join Arbitration, you must have completed every task on the star chart at least once.

Farming Kuva

The most efficient Kuva farming method is to look for small maps in Arbitration mode and kill all enemies in sight using the Kuva Ogris weapon.

The Kuva Ogris is a modified version of the Kuva Lich. To build a Kuva Ogris, you need the following mods:

  • Primed Bane of Infested
  • Primed Firestorm
  • Galvanized Chamber
  • Stormbringer
  • Nightwatch Napalm
  • Heavy Caliber
  • Primed Shred
  • Vigilante Armaments
  • Vigilante Supplies

If you are unsure of how many task nodes you must unlock before you may join Arbitrations missions, visit the Arbiters of Hexis Syndicate on any relay and speak to the “Arbitrations Honors” representative (located close to the entrance of the room).

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