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Warframe: How to Get Khora Prime | Relic Farming Guide

You can get Khora Prime, the revamped version of Khora in Warframe by collecting Void Relics.




At last, Khora from Warframe has received her Prime update, revamping both the huntress and her devoted companion Venari. Right after Digital Extremes showcased her at Tennocon 2022, she debuted as part of Update 31.7.

A new fashion skin and better aesthetics for the Venari and Prime versions of the Hystrix Prime and Dual Keres Prime are also included in the Warframe’s update.

How to Get Khora Prime in Warframe (Relic Farming Guide)

If you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience, the base version of Cephalon Simaris’ Sanctuary Onslaught occasionally drops the Khora’s base version.  Since getting Khora Prime relies on RNG, you will need a lot of patience.

Whether your goal is to develop Khora or concentrate on her Strangledome for the additional riches, you need all the help you can get. If you don’t want to pursue the base Khora Warframe, you can still unlock Khora Prime.

Unlocking Khora Prime

The Prime Access bundle, which grants players access to the Warframe and several other drops, including a Syandana and a Narta, also includes Khora Prime for purchase. Khora Prime, however, can be obtained for free by finding Void Relics all across the system.

Khora Prime drops from:

  • Khora Neuroptics Blueprint (Rare)
  • Khora Prime Blueprint (Rare)
  • Khora Prime Chassis Blueprint (Uncommon)
  • Khora Prime Systems Blueprint (Common)

To get the aforementioned items, the following missions are highly recommended:

  • Lith K9 (Khora Prime Blueprint)
  • Axi K8 (Khora Prime Neuroptics Blueprint)
  • Neo N21 (Khora Prime Chassis Blueprint)
  • Meso P8 (Khora Prime Systems Blueprint)

You must enter a Void Fissure quest to open the Void Relics after you obtain them. After each assignment, players can select a drop from all the Relics in the session (or wave, in the case of endless missions).

This means that your best chance of receiving Khora Prime while opening Relics is in lobbies with a bigger population.

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