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Warframe: Nightwave Guide | Alad V’S Mad Lab

Plundering Alad V’s secret Mad Lab is one of the several Nightwave challenges that you can complete in Warframe. Completing this mission will grant a number of rewards.




The Mad Lab challenge involves you having to plunder one of the secret laboratories owned by Alad V in Jupiter. This lab will contain the Amalgams who are an experimental enemy that’s been created by Alad V. In this guide, I’ll show you how you can successfully plunder the lab and complete the mission.

Nightwave Guide | Alad V’S Mad Lab in Warframe

To start, you want to do the challenge on an easier difficulty. For this one, we’ll be picking a level 16-18 Capture mission by opening your Navigator, heading to Jupiter, and then clicking on the Ananke node. After finding the mission, load into it and keep on repeating until you reach the starting area.

You will then find a huge platform as well as a walkway upward. Meanwhile, there will be a main megastructure to the left. This is also where you can find the secret lab, so the best way is to restart the mission until you reach this tileset.

Once you have successfully loaded this tileset, make your way through the door then look for an item called Access Controller to the right of the huge pillars. Simply destroy it in order to start the puzzle which will let you access the secret lab.

Opening the Door to the Secret Lab

Before you destroy the Access Controller, you should first look for the door to the secret lab. You will find a small grate in the wall right below the Access Controller. Break it then drop down until you reach a tunnel. Turn right to find a door at the very end with three symbols on it.

You have to take note of the order of the symbols as they will correspond to the switches which you should also activate in exact order to open the door. You can find the three switches in the following locations:

  • The first one is down the corridor which is not far from the door on the right wall.
  • The second one is on a door directly above the broken grate. Simply walk down the corridor to find the switch to the right.
  • Go back to where the Access Controller is, and you’ll find a room across it with another door. You can find the third switch to the left near the end of the corridor.

After taking note of all the locations for the three switches as well as the exact order of the symbols, it’s now time to destroy the Access Controller. Make your way to the first switch and activate it, then go to the second and third one respectively.

You only have 20 seconds to reach the two symbols, so make sure you know where exactly they are located.

As soon as you activated the third symbol, the door will then open. Inside, you’ll find some loots as well as a purple container containing a Captura scene. You will also find another locked door that you can open by switching to Operator mode and hitting it with your Amp.

Behind that door is Alad V’s secret lab with enemies inside of it. You can find yet another purple container inside. After dealing with the enemies, simply loot everything you can, complete your mission, then extract in order to complete the Mad Lab challenge.

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