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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Infinite Legendary Glitch Using Vending Machines | How Does it Work?

Legendary weapons are rare in the game. Are you ready to get your first one?




Vending machines offer different weapons of various tiers every day–they are called “weapon of the day.” These range from normal, chaotic, legendary, epic, and more. The higher tiers are very rare; that’s why players want to take hold of them. But what if we tell you there’s actually a way to obtain primordial legendary weapons quickly?

Infinite Legendary Glitch Using Vending Machines | How Does it Work in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

All games have glitches, and players take advantage of these in-game bugs. In the case of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, there is a glitch that lets you farm legendary weapons from vending machines.

Some players believe it’s not necessarily a glitch since there’s no guarantee that a high-tier gun will be on the store in one or two resets.

But regardless, many have already obtained epic guns. So, how do we do it?

Infinite Legendary Glitch

The infinite legendary glitch is pretty straightforward. Just follow the two steps below:

Step 1: Launch Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands without an internet connection to start the game in offline mode. Remember, you can’t begin by going online and then offline–that’s not how it works.

Step 2: While in-game, find some vending machines and continuously reset and farm them. To quickly reset the vending machine, just log out of the main menu and log back in.

Pro tip: Don’t do this in Brighthoof as the place is filled with various NPCs and objects, making the game loading take more time. Try doing this on vending machines before facing Zomboss or other bosses.

Some players obtained chaotic volatile, and primordial items after a few tries, while others took longer. There are also those who haven’t had any luck at all. So, it still depends on RNG. Good luck, tho!

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