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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Huge Buffs Are Coming to Assault Rifles With the Latest Hotfix

After the latest hotfix in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, we speculate some significant upgrades to assault rifles. Let’s look at some of the huge assault rifle buffs to expect.




Version is the most recent path to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. This update gave us new content that saw significant upgrades to weapons and fixes on bugs and lagging issues. Now, the game runs smoother with the latest hotfix, and there are upgrades to watch out for on Assault rifles. We’ll take a look at the rifles and the buffs to expect.

Huge Buffs Coming To Assault Rifles With The Latest Hotfix – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The April 28th hotfix has massive buffs and changes, including a new weekly event known as the Treasure Ahoy. This event will earn you more gold when you defeat enemies in sun fang oasis and crack mast cove. However, the buffs to assault rifles are our current concern.

The Donkey Assault Rifle

First off, the donkey assault rifle now has its base damage upgraded. It doesn’t fire like an extra projectile anymore, but its individual saw blades now give 5% increased damage rather than the 1% damage it formerly had. The duration of the saw blades was also decreased from a second to four seconds. The damage scaling has also increased by 60%; you can get this assault from droll the troll.

The Cross-bolt Generator

Next is the cross-bolt generator, with its damage scaling increased by 71%, and its ricochet damage scaling increased by 32%. Also, the cross-bolt generator now rolls with barrel mod parts.

Manual Transmission Assault Rifle

Next up is the manual transmission assault rifle. This weapon now has its mode swap speed increased by 20%, its damage scaling increased by 15%, and a minimum firing rate increase of 30%.

The Rogue Imp and Thunder

The Rogue imp had its damage scaling adjusted, and it now fires an additional projectile. The thunder anima buff also makes it an assault rifle with an increased base weapon damage of 25%.

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