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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: New Features and Changes With the New DLC

Tiny Tina’s Molten Mirrors DLC is the 3rd DLC that’s been introduced into the game since its release. It comes with a lot of new features and changes for players to look at.




The Molten Mirrors DLC has finally been released, alongside Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands being available on Steam. As with any other DLC so far, this new update includes a ton of new features and changes waiting for you to uncover. Let’s have a look at what these are.

New Features and Changes With the New DLC in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The newest DLC to the game will have you go up against a new endgame boss called Fyodor the Soul Warden. The level is pretty challenging as you’ll have to get past his mechanized defenses which include bone-crushing hammers and blazing furnaces, to name a few.

Similar to other Mirrors of Mystery, this new DLC will allow you to go up against a more challenging dungeon that can drop higher-tier loot. It even introduces a new Chaos tier of gear which is the Ascended. Apart from that, the Chaos Chambers cap has gone up to 50, which is 15 more levels than the previous one.

That said, let’s have a look at the other changes in further detail.

QoL Changes

The update has introduced some really nice quality of life changes that make the game more fun and enjoyable. One noticeable change was the color of cosmetic drops. Previously, cosmetic drops have a purple beam which causes people to confuse them for purple rarity gear. With the update, their color has been changed to yellow, making it a lot easier for players to distinguish.

Another major QoL change comes in the way Loot Luck is calculated. Previously, you will need to collect Lucky Dice to increase your Loot Luck on each character. With the update, however, progress gets shared across all characters. This means that you only need to collect all Lucky Dice on a single character and benefit from the Lucky Dice Loot Luck multiplier across all characters.

Weapon Balance Changes

The update has nerfed a handful of overpowered weapons while several others received a buff. A good example is the rifles which received a 20% damage bonus. Moreover, magic poison SMGs no longer ramp up in damage over time. Now, they will instead deal their maximum damage upon firing.

Moon Orb Overhaul

Another significant update is the Moon Orb overhaul which gives you more Moon Orbs each time you open the final loot chest in the loot room. Also, you can now carry more Moon Orbs and even earn them at a significantly faster rate.

Class Changes

Both the Stabbomancer and Clawbringer have received significant buffs in this new update. The Stabbomancer has received major buffs to its Capstone and Ghostblade action skills. Meanwhile, the Clawbringer has received significant buffs to several of its skills including Blasthamut’s Favor, Storm Smite, and Indomitable.

Alongside that, a new class is planned to be released later on in the game. Called the Blightcaller, this class specializes in using poison and elemental damage for dealing with hordes of foes. You can expect the class to release on the Shattering Spectreglass which will be the final DLC for the game.

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