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How to Get Blueprints in Dinkum Blooming Spring

Get the new Blueprint item and learn recipes quickly!




The new Blooming Spring update has been released for Dinkum, bringing with it loads of new content. This includes the new Blueprint item which allows you to learn recipes faster!

When you find one of these Blueprints, you can use them to instantly learn a random recipe. This means you won’t need to wait to see recipes at James’ anymore!

If you wish to speed up the recipe-learning process, this guide will show you how to get these items quickly.

Getting Blueprints in Dinkum Blooming Spring

Source: The Ginger Empire

You can obtain Blueprints, also known as “The Blueprint”, from two different sources currently.

First, you can get them randomly as you explore the new Deep Mine Level 2.

The Deep Mine is full of dangers, and you’re likely to get knocked out frequently, but Blueprints are easier to find there.

Source: Sirius Gaming

The second method is to get them from Jimmy.

Jimmy sells Blueprints for 300,000 each. This is extremely expensive early on and is not recommended generally, but it’s an option nonetheless.

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Source: The Ginger Empire

Once you’ve obtained a Blueprint, just hold it and press Left Click to use up the Blueprint and teach you a new recipe in the process.

If you’ve already learned all currently available recipes, the item won’t be consumed. Of course, you won’t learn anything new either! We recommend storing them or trading them with other players by then.

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