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Dinkum Blooming Spring: How to Make and Use Coffee

Get an energy boost with a nice cup of coffee.




The Blooming Spring update is here for Dinkum. One of the many new items that got introduced in the update is coffee.

After all, what better way to celebrate the new update than by making a cup of Joe, right?

This hot drink is also actually very useful. It gives you 25 Energy as well as 5 minutes of unlimited Energy! So if you’re looking for an energy boost, this is the best choice you have.

But how can you brew and drink coffee in Dinkum? Let’s find out!

How to Brew and Drink Coffee in Dinkum Blooming Spring

Source: The Ginger Empire

To make coffee, you will first need to get coffee beans. The only way to do so right now is by planting coffee plants, and this means you will first need seeds!

Jimmy sells coffee seeds for about 10,000 a pop. That means you can only buy them on rainy days!

Once you’ve obtained the seeds, you’ll need to plant them like any other plant. It’s recommended to fertilize them as well! Since they’re expensive, make sure to get the most out of them.

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Coffee plants will provide you with 3 coffee beans after the first 16 days of planting them. They will give you more beans every 5 or 6 days after the first harvest.

Source: The Ginger Empire

Now, take your Coffee Beans to any available grill. You can roast 3 beans to make one bag of Roasted Beans. Lastly, just take the Roasted Beans to a Campfire to brew Coffee.

Now, just pick it up and drink it by pressing Left Click.

Source: The Ginger Empire

And that’s about it! Coffee is very useful for getting Energy, as mentioned in the introduction. However, it’s not very profitable to sell and is mainly meant to give your character a nice boost.

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