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How to Fix Doggo Spawnpoints in Dinkum Blooming Spring

Did Doggos stop appearing in your game? Let us help you fix that!




Doggos are one of the many creatures you can find in Dinkum’s world. They resemble large dogs and can be found in the wild, usually in desert areas.

However, you can cause them to stop appearing by breaking their spawn locations. Regardless if you’ve done it intentionally or not, there’s a way to restore it back to normal.

Thankfully, the new Blooming Spring update lets you do just that! Here’s how.

How to Make Doggos Spawn Again in Dinkum Blooming Spring

Source: The Ginger Empire

Fixing Doggo spawns can be a little tedious, especially if you don’t remember where the spawns used to be. The gist is to rebuild the pens where Doggos used to spawn in.

To start, you will need to get a Stone Wand. You can obtain this tool randomly by exploring the new Deep Mine level added in the Blooming Spring update.

With the Stone Wand in hand, head toward a broken Doggo spawn point. Remember the pens made of stone? Those are their spawn points.

Source: The Ginger Empire

Once you’ve located one of these broken structures, start rebuilding the pen’s fence with your Stone Wand. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to not leave too many holes in the walls.

After you’ve done this, wait for a couple of in-game days. Either rest or just continue playing, whatever you prefer. It should take two in-game days to work.

When enough time has passed, return to the Doggo spawn point you attempted to fix. If you did everything correctly, you should see some new Doggos in the area!

You can repeat this process for as many Doggo spawns as you want. If you wish to break them again, just remember their location so you can fix them later.

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