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How to Enter the New Deep Mine Level 2 in Dinkum Blooming Spring

Go to the deeper levels of the new deep mine.




The Dinkum Blooming Spring update introduced a new mine that you can explore on a deeper level. Lately, a lot of players are confused about how they can get to the second level of this mine.

However, it’s actually quite easy that you wouldn’t expect it in the first place. Here’s how to do it.

How to Access Level 2 of the New Deep Mine in Dinkum Blooming Spring

If you plan on going to the deep mine’s second level, you just have to do a bit more digging. While you are on the first level, you have to find some rubies scattered around the area.

After spotting the rubies, hit them with your shovel to collect the ruby shards. For each chunk, you will get 3 shards.

However, you will need four ruby shards in order to access the second level of the deep mine.

Source: The Ginger Empire

After collecting enough ruby shards, go inside the room and interact with the console and click on the Set Level option.

And just like that, you will then enter the second level of the new deep mines.

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