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Diablo 4: Ultimate Leveling Guide For Each Class

Level up your chosen class as quickly as possible until you reach max level!




Diablo 4 is almost here, with its Closed and Open Beta becoming available to more players.

Even more, you can get unique rewards that will carry over to the final release. But to get them, you will need to level up your characters!

In this guide, we’ll give you various tips to help you level up the various classes in Diablo 4 quickly. Let’s get started.

Ultimate Leveling Guide For Each Class in the Diablo 4 Beta

Source: Pure Diablo

First off, take note that your leveling progress won’t carry over to the full release. However, you will get different unique rewards such as the unique Wolf Pet.

The level cap during the Beta is 25, you can’t level up any further than that. It will be Level 100 in the final game. Most of the Beta rewards unlock once you reach Level 20.

Also, the Druid and Necromancer classes are not yet available. As such, this guide only covers the Sorcerer, Barbarian, and Rogue classes.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the different classes available!


This class is all about charging headstrong into melee combat. As a Barbarian, you have access to the powerful Whirlwind skill.

To get started, get the Flay and Enhanced Flay skills during your first few levels. At Level 4, unlock the Whirlwind skill as well as its upgrades, Enhanced Whirlwind and Violent Whirlwind. Also, pick up the Battle Flay skill.

You will be using Whirlwind as much as possible since it will clear out loads of enemies quickly. Of course, this means you’ll be able to level up faster!

When you reach Level 8, get the Rallying Cry skill then get the Leap skill at Level 13. Upgrade these skills by getting skills like Enhanced Rallying Cry and Enhanced Leap.

While doing so, make sure to spend a few skill points powering up your Whirlwind even more! By Level 17, you should have put 4 skill points into Whirlwind.

At Level 18, get Death Blow and then aim for Fighter’s Death Blow. Every time you finish off an enemy with Death Blow, its cooldown will reset and give you 20 Fury. This lets you use Whirlwind more.

By Level 21, give Whirlwind its 5th level up then pick Call of the Ancients as your Ultimate at Level 25. You have now hit the level cap for the Beta!


The de facto spellcaster class, the Sorcerer is all about using powerful elemental magic to take out enemies. To level up quickly, you will want to focus on the Fireball and Hydra skills.

However, you will want to spend your first 3 skill points on the following skills: Frost Bolt, Enhanced Frost Bolt, and Glinting Frost Bolt.

It might seem confusing and counterintuitive at first as the leveling build is mostly fire-based! The trick is that Glinting Frost Bolt will give you more Mana regeneration for your heavy hitters.

At Level 5, get Fireball and upgrade it with Enhanced Fireball and Destructive Fireball. This will be your main damage dealer while you can’t use Hydra!

Next, get your first defensive skill at Level 8: Teleport. Also, get Ice Armor at Level 10 as both will greatly improve your survivability. Get Enhanced Ice Armor and put another skill point into Fireball while you’re at it.

At Level 13, get the Hydra spell. This will be your go-to spell for single-target damage. Improve it with Enhanced Hydra and Summoned Hydra, and put 2 more skill points into Hydra for a total of 3.

Once you reach Level 18, get Meteor and pick Enhanced Meteor and Wizard’s Meteor as well. You will be using Meteor in your Sorcerer’s Enchantment slot for its passive buff.

From Level 21 to 25, just finish leveling up the Hydra and Fireball skills.


Finally, we have the agile Rogue. This class is more versatile while leveling, as you can pick between ranged and melee combat.

Before you start, decide on which one you will use as your Core Skill. Pick Barrage for ranged or Flurry for melee and focus on only one at a time!

For your first 2 skill points, get Forceful Arrow and Enhanced Forceful Arrow. At Level 4, choose between Barrage or Flurry for your main attack. Get their respective Enhanced and Improved skills, then finish by picking Primary Forceful Arrow at Level 7.

Pick up Dash at Level 8 and Shadow Step at Level 9 as your main mobility skills.

For Levels 10 to 12, put more skill points into the core skill you chose previously.

At Level 13, pick the Dark Shroud skill and its upgrades: Enhanced Dark Shroud and Subverting Dark Shroud. When you reach level 18, grab the Shadow Imbuement skill as well as its Enhanced and Blended upgrades.

Also, switch from Combo Points to Inner Sight at level 20. Next, pick up Shadow Crash at level 21.

Lastly, put two points into Consuming Shadows at levels 22 and 23. Combine this with Shadow Imbuement to give you a huge Energy and damage boost! Replace Shadow Step with Shadow Clone at Level 25 and you’re all set!

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