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Places to Avoid When Building a Base in Subnautica

Don’t even bother building a base in any of these dangerous spots!




In Subnautica, you will spend most of your whole time underwater looking for new discoveries and fighting some aquatic enemies. From time to time, you also have to go back to your base to craft some essentials for your journey.

As you progress through the game, you will notice the importance of building several bases around the areas you explore.

However, it is just as equally important that you find the right spots to build one. That means you’d want to avoid certain places, and we’ll show you where those are.

Where NOT to Build a Base in Subnautica

There are several places you shouldn’t consider building your next base in Subnautica. While the game allows you to build wherever you want, avoiding certain places makes sense.

That said, here are the three worst areas you’d want to avoid:

Mountain Biome

Source: CrimxGames

The first location you should not build a base on is the Mountain Biome. You can find this location in coordinates (1090, -265, -1215).

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Though this biome has a lot of wide space to offer without any obstructions on the way, it is still not ideal for anyone. It has some scattered resources but is not as abundant as the other biomes.

However, the main reason you’d want to avoid this is the inhabitants that pose a threat to you. Specifically, we’re talking about Warpers and Reapers.

Blood Kelp Zone

Source: CrimxGames

The next location you should avoid building a base on is the Blood Kelp Zone located at coordinates (-988, -379, -546).

Like the Mountain Biome, this area also has a big space for you to build a base. However, there are some obstructions due to its uneven surface.

There are also an abundant number of resources here such as magnetite, ruby, uraninite, and large mineral deposits, but so are the threats that dwell here.

In fact, you can encounter creatures like the ampeel, crabsquids, blood crawlers, and warpers. In some circumstances, you might also see ghost leviathans.

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Dunes Biome

Source: CrimxGames

The last location to avoid is the Dunes Biome which can be located at coordinates (-1511, -336, 294)

Unlike the two previous locations, this biome doesn’t have a lot of resources to offer. However, it is such a spacious location it could be a good spot for building your base.

Nonetheless, you should always watch out for the threats roaming around the area. This is because the location is the spawning point reaper leviathans and warpers.

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