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Best Starter Builds for Last Epoch Multiplayer

These beginner-friendly builds can take you to the endgame!




Patch 0.9 for Last Epoch has finally been released, and this update brings with it the new Multiplayer feature! That makes it a fantastic entry point for new and returning players alike.

Whether you had stopped playing for a while or are a brand-new player, you might want to check out some of the beginner-friendly builds that you can use!

Surprisingly, these builds can take you to the endgame on a budget. Let’s get started!

Best Builds for Starters in Last Epoch 0.9

Source: Tenkiei

Last Epoch’s build customization options are truly fantastic, though they can also be overwhelming to new players.

Alternatively, players who stopped playing and are returning due to the new Multiplayer update might also want to check out these builds. These builds will let you see how the game’s meta has evolved!

Now, let’s go over the 3 most popular starter builds in the current patch.

Smite Hammerdin

Source: Tenkiei

This build relies on using the Hammer Throw as a Paladin. You’ll also want the Iron Spiral skill which will make your hammers orbit around you.

On top of that, you will need to have Smite. This skill causes holy rays to appear every time your hammers hit enemies, dealing extra damage while healing you at the same time.

Source: Tenkiei

With a gear that boosts Smite, you will maintain consistent uptime with a tornado of hammers surrounding you! It’s a very simple build to get started with.

The damage is frankly ridiculous, plus the Paladin’s survivability means you will be extremely hard to take down! This makes it extremely good for beginners, not to mention it’s fun to watch in action.

Lightning Blast and Static Orb Sorcerer

This is a Sorcerer build that focuses on using Lightning Blast and Static Orb, as its name implies. If you love a good spellcaster, this is the perfect build for you!

Static Orb is primarily used to deal strong AoE damage and clear trash mobs quickly. It can even buff you when casting!

On the other hand, Lightning Blast is all about dealing strong single-target damage. You will be using it to focus fire stronger enemies and bosses.

This build does have some issues, however. Particularly, mana management which can be a challenge and the Sorcerer’s poor innate defense.

Still, it’s a powerful build that doesn’t require any particularly rare gear to make the most out of. Plus, who doesn’t want to just electrocute every enemy in their path?

Shadow Cascade Bladedancer

This build is for the speedy Rogue, so it’s the best one to recommend for players who want to remain mobile.

You’ll want to use the Twin Blade skill as you will need it to make the most out of Shadow Cascade. Also, grab the Lasting Presence upgrade for Shift to make Shift leave a shadow behind.

The playstyle for this build is pretty simple: use Synchronized Strike and Shadow Cascade to deal massive damage. After that, simply use Shift to move around and leave even more shadows.

Synchronized Strike will leave behind shadows, which will then repeat your Shadow Cascade skill when you use it.

Shadow Cascade will deal massive damage in an area around you, plus it will be repeated by your shadows every time you cast it.

The Shift skill will be your main defensive and mobility tool here, but it will also help you deal damage when it leaves behind a shadow.

Of course, the Rogue isn’t very resilient due to its low HP. Nonetheless, this build allows you to deal insane damage while remaining mobile and evasive!

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