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The Finals: Which is the Best Shotgun to Use

Let us help you pick the strongest shotgun in the game!




As an FPS, you would expect The Finals to have a variety of shotguns to choose from. And truth be told, there are a few shotguns available to choose from in the game.

In this short article, we’ll review their strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also tell you which one is the absolute best to choose.

Which Shotgun is the Best in The Finals?

Source: BabbleOn

There are currently 3 shotguns available, one for each class. They’re as follows:

  • The Light Class has the Sawed-Off Shotgun which deals high damage at close range but has a magazine of only two shells. Its reload time is also fairly long which makes it very risky to use.
  • The Medium Class gets the Repeater which is actually a shotgun! The Repeater has solid damage while also having the best range out of all shotguns. You won’t need to be up close to your enemy, but the damage isn’t that great either.
  • The Heavy Class has the SA1216, an automatic shotgun with a magazine of 16 shots but only fires in sets of 4. It has solid damage, a huge magazine, and an automatic rate of fire.
Source: BabbleOn

You might notice that one of these shotguns has more strengths than the others. Indeed, the SA1216 is by far the best shotgun in The Finals right now!

Due to its rate of fire and respectable damage, it can easily take down your targets. It also is capable of dealing decent damage at longer ranges than the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

On top of that, the huge magazine allows you to sustain fire for a while. You will need to rotate the magazine every 4 shots, but this is pretty quick. Speaking of quick, the reload animation is the fastest of all shotguns as well!


There is simply no way around it. The SA1216 reigns supreme over the other shotguns, at least in the game’s current state.

The only actual flaw of the SA1216 might be that it’s exclusive to the Heavy class. Due to the class being slow and tanky, you won’t be able to close the gap and get up close to maximize your damage.

Still, that’s a minor flaw when considering all the pros it has in its favor! If you’re eager to use a strong shotgun, be ready to pick up the Heavy class when playing.

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