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The Finals: Is the Battle Pass Worth Buying?

Making the best decision for your wallet!




The Finals features many in-game purchases to help you perform your best. From Multibucks to new guns and skins, there are a lot of attractive items to purchase. 

These cosmetics are always the main selling points of Battle Passes, but The Finals has something that will surely lure you into buying one. It is the whopping Multibucks reward. When you complete it, you’ll have more than enough to purchase the next Battle Pass.

After knowing that, it still boils down to the cosmetic rewards. So, is buying the Battle Pass worth it or not? Let’s find out.

Is the Battle Pass Worth Buying?

In our opinion, the Battle Pass in the Finals is not worth buying. The Battle Pass rewards you with a few items as shown below, as well as only 75 Multibucks. When it comes to achieving optimal play, it’s just not that useful.

There is, however, another option. This option is the Season 1 Starter Pack. It allows you to get legendary skin items, along with a whopping 1150 Multibucks. To get to this option, first, you need to visit the Store page from the main menu. 

Store Main Menu

From the Store page, go to “Season 1 Starter Pack” in the bottom right corner. 

The Finals Store

Overall, this is a better deal than the Battle Pass. The skins offered are gorgeous, and the Multibucks amount speaks for itself.

Skin Prices

 So, if you want the best bang for your buck, go with the Season 1 Starter Pack to get the most value. 

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