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How to Redeem Coupon Codes in Summoners War Chronicles

Use up coupon codes and claim many rewards!




Summoners War: Chronicles sometimes has giveaways that you can redeem via Coupon Codes. These coupons will grant you various rewards such as rare materials and the like.

However, redeeming the codes isn’t very straightforward. In fact, you can’t do it in-game at all! In this quick guide, we’ll tell you how to redeem these coupons.

How to Use Coupons in Summoners War Chronicles

Source: IceXGame

To redeem coupons, you will need your personal CS Code which is unique to your account. You can find the CS Code within the “Account” section of your Settings in-game.

You can find the Settings menu by clicking on the square icon on the top right of the screen. Click on the gear icon which you can find in the bottom right section.

Source: IceXGame

Once you’re there, press the “Copy CS Code” button to save it to your clipboard. You’ll just need to paste it into the proper input later.

While you’re here, take note of your current server as well. This is shown as “Connection Info” below your Account Name.

Source: IceXGame

Now, you will need to visit the game’s official website at the link below:

Next, look for the “Coupon Exchange” option which is located on the upper right section. Click on it to open the coupon redemption page.

Once you’re on the Coupon Exchange page, you will find two blank fields. Paste or type your own CS code in the “CS CODE” field. Meanwhile, put a coupon code you wish to redeem in the “Coupon Code” field.

To get you started, here are a few coupons you can use currently:

  • HNYEAR2023

Simply enter any of these into the “Coupon Code” input. Do note that they might expire at any given moment!

Click on “Use Coupon” once you’ve filled out the text boxes. Now, just select the server you’re playing in. You can find this in the “Connection Info” section on the game settings.

After choosing your server, click “Use Coupon” again. You should now get a message saying the code was used, after which you then have to check your inbox in-game. That’s about it!

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