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Summoners War Chronicles: How to Get Stronger

Got stuck for a long time? It’s time to strengthen your units and character!




In Summoners War Chronicles, you will spend most of your time battling other summoners in the arena. Your strengths will get tested after facing each other on the battlefield.

Of course, being the last man standing must be your ultimate goal.

But to become the last survivor, you have to get stronger than other summoners. In this brief guide, we will show you how to achieve that.

How to Get Stronger in Summoners War Chronicles

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Progressing in the story automatically means you are prepared to go against bigger and deadlier monsters. However, you have to make sure your team is up to the task.

Luckily, there are different ways to make your units even stronger. They’re as follows:

Skill Up Units

Summoners War: Chronicles is a gacha-based game, so you have to utilize rolls and summons. Once you summon, you have a chance to get duplicates of units you already have.

These duplicates are used to upgrade or level up your units. This way, you can skill them up faster. However, the higher stars your unit has, the lower your chances of getting a duplicate for said unit.

Skilling up your units is actually one of the most important things you should do. In fact, even after awakening your character, this is something you should focus on.

Path of Growth

Another way to increase your power level is by completing the challenges from the Path of Growth.

Here, you can see three different paths that you can take. Each of them has different challenges that also grant various rewards.

Path of Training grants potions such as recovery potions or EXP potions. Path of Adventure grants runes upon completing the challenges. Meanwhile, Subjugation can reward weapons that you can equip on your units.

If you are a free-to-play player, we highly suggest focusing on the Path of Training and getting to the highest level possible.


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The Arena is where you can spend your everyday grind to easily level up. It is recommended to use all 10 free tries given to you.

Doing this will give you points that you can use to buy stuff from the shop which you can then use to level up.


Another set of challenges that you can do is found in the Cairos which also features different areas.

We highly recommend taking just the Hall of Magic. Of course, you can still get to the other halls if you want, especially if you are aiming for a specific item or if you are completing a challenge.

The reason that we recommend the Hall of Magic is that you can farm a lot of Magic Essence. This is an important resource that you need to awaken your units.

Purchase Consumables

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For this, head over to the Package Shop > Consumables to find a Chaos Essence Chest. You can buy this chest for 200 crystals, but you can only do this once a week.

200 crystals might be too much, but they’re definitely worth it considering they can significantly improve your in-game performance.

Summoner’s Gear Level

Similar to your monster units, your summoner’s level is just as important.

The attributes of your character will also mainly depend on the gear that you equip. Ideally, you want to equip your summoner with a 4-star piece of equipment with at least a +9 upgrade.

Aside from that, you must also focus on the right skills for your summoner. You can initially go for active skills then the attributed research last.

Trial of Ascension

Do the power of ascensions by grinding the Trial of Ascension. This will give you more power levels and higher base stats.

We also recommend that you do the Celestial as far and as high as you can. Besides, it will help you progress faster if you finish all three challenges.

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