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Summoners War: Chronicles – Best F2P 3-Star Unit Teams to Start

Win the game without spending a penny with these units.




No premium pass? No worries!

As you probably already know, the units that you can get from your first free summons in Summoners War: Chronicles will determine the outcome of your progress. That is, of course, unless you chose to reroll.

And from there, you must be eyeing 4-star or 5-star units.

However, you can still ace the game with just 3-star units as your starting lineup if you’re a F2P player. We’re here to show you which 3-star units you want to aim for.

Best F2P 3-Star Unit Teams to Start in Summoners War: Chronicles

Source: TrollGaming

If you are a F2P player, you don’t have to focus on buying a Premium Pass or receiving a guaranteed 5-star unit.

As you know, the beauty of having a 3-star unit is that it would be easier for you to level it up due to the high chance of getting duplicates.

That being said, here are the following 3-star units that are best to use as a starter for your team.


Source: TrollGaming

At the start of the game, you will be given a Garuda which can eventually be awakened into Konamiya. As a free-to-play player, this is actually the best support unit that you can have.

Given that it is a 3-star unit, you can level it up pretty quickly which will make it extremely helpful for the whole team.


Source: TrollGaming

The next unit that is good for you is Shannon. This unit will also be given to you by the game for free as you start.

Just like Konamiya, Shannon also takes on the role of support. Putting two DPS dealers alongside her will allow you to make a powerful trio, so you better keep this unit and max her out as well.


Iselia is probably one of the best DPS units in the 3-star tier. However, this unit can’t be claimed for free, unlike others.

Instead, you have to use the summon scrolls to get one.


The next one would be Naomi. Although this is a free-to-play guide, you will still be given the chance to have a 4-star unit with your 4-star ticket.

With that said, the best unit to get would be Naomi.

She is a DPS unit that you can get from the ticket. However, it would be a little difficult to level up and awaken her.


Another good DPS unit that you can get from the game if you are lucky is Hellea. Her stun ability makes her a perfect pair for units with a Burst ability or those who deal continuous damage.

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