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Summoners War: Chronicles – Which Account Skills to Level Up

Boost your overall stats to get an easy win in every battle.




In Summoners War: Chronicles, you won’t only be paying attention to the units themselves, but you should also prioritize your account skills.

Account skills are permanent changes that you should decide on. After all, they will affect the stats of each unit that you currently own. However, this is not something that you should just do aimlessly.

This is why we created this guide to teach you which account skills you should level up.

Which Account Skills to Level Up in Summoners War: Chronicles

Source: The Chronicles Farmer

As mentioned, account skills are the overall shared skills among all the units that you own. You can obtain them by leveling up your account. Moreover, the fastest way to level up your account is by leveling up your units.

This means that having more high-level characters means that you can have more account skills.

This actually has a big impact on how your units will perform. In fact, it contributes around 5% of your total power.

Now, let’s have a look at which account skills you should prioritize in the stages of the game.

Early Game

Source: The Chronicles Farmer

During the early part of the game, you must focus on the bottom part of the skill tree. Since your line will mostly consist of monsters, you have to improve their stats as early as possible.

As soon as you start upgrading the skill tree, max out the bottom left part of the tree first. This will significantly increase the damage of your units.

Late Game

Source: The Chronicles Farmer

Once you have maxed out the bottom left part of the skill tree, you can then go to your own preferred path, be it strengthening your defense or such.

At this point, these skills don’t just focus on HP, defense, and offense. You can also tweak your stats here to further lean towards your strategies, such as reduced skill cooldown and more.

Just make sure to know your units well before you choose whatever path you are taking.

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