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How to Use the Animate Dead Spell in RuneScape

Use the power of Animate Dead Spell to benefit from major flat damage reduction.




Jagex introduced four new spells to the Ancient Spell Book in conjunction with the release of Senntisten. Since its debut, the community has been attempting to determine what function each spell should serve.

Many people in RuneScape have forgotten about the Animate Dead spell since Smoke Cloud and Incite Fear have grown in popularity.

If you’re interested in learning the power of Animate Dead Spell and how to use it in the game, this post is here to help you.

Activating the Animate Dead Spell in RuneScape

Source: RuneScape

To cast the Ancient Magicks spell, Animate Dead, you need to first reach Magic level 84 and conquer the City of Senntisten. By casting the spell, you can gain the following benefits:

  • Gain 10% of your armor value as flat damage reduction
  • Gain 33% of your Defense level

The spell will last for 12 minutes, and it allows you to reduce damage up to a maximum of 75%. The spell’s activation ignores global cooldown and won’t interfere with channeled abilities.

Animate Dead works on all sorts of damages, including style type, except the bleed from the preset effect of trimmed masterwork armor. This could potentially prevent otherwise deadly hits.

When there are only 30 seconds remaining, the game will inform you that your control of the spell is fading. You can make use of this warning to recast the spell.

Source: RuneScape

The spell is most powerful when used in conjunction with magic tank armor types like Ganodermic, Primeval, Seasinger, and Cryptbloom. The spell does provide an additional layer of defense by stacking with the set effects of Cryptbloom.

It can reduce damage by a significant amount, and it is actually very useful for gamers who are fighting with bosses who throw frequent attacks.

On the other hand, the spell isn’t that effective when you’re fighting a slow boss that hits hard.

You can see the amount of damage reduction on your buff bar in numbers, but keep in mind that this update is very slow and doesn’t update in real-time.

So, is the spell worth it?

This spell is a great addition to your toolkit because when it is powered with the most effective armors, you can reduce the damage to around 97%, which is excellent.

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