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Warframe: Most Useful Item You Should Get in the Zariman Update

The new Emergence Dissipate Arcane Enhancement is one of the most useful items you can get in Warframe’s Angels of the Zariman update.




The new Angels of the Zariman update for Warframe includes various new distinct content and long-awaited features.

With the patch, you can now explore the Zariman Ten-Zero to win Gyre, a Tesla-themed Warframe, by completing three new endurance tasks. Aside from that, valuable items like the Emergence Dissipate are also included.

Most Useful Item You Should Get in the Zariman Update

One of the most useful items you can get in the new Warframe update is the Arcane Enhancement called the Emergence Dissipate. This Arcane will spawn an Energy Mote when you cancel the Void Sling near enemies.

In addition, you can pick up this energy mote to regain energy. Keep on reading if you want to know why players can’t wait to get their hands on this item, as well as how you can get it.

Getting Emergence Dissipate

You can purchase the Emergence Dissipate from Cavalero once you’ve achieved the final rank: Angel. The item costs 10,000 Standing.

The Emergence Dissipate is considered one of the most significant features introduced with the new update. How so?

First, it brings massive Energy Gains to any Warframe build you’re playing with, thanks to the energy mote you can pick up from time to time.

Second, unlike Arcane Energize, Emergence Dissipate allows easier Energy Regeneration as you don’t need to rely on the RNG of Arcane Energize to proc.

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