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Warframe: How to Get Gyre | Angels of the Zariman Bounty Guide

With the Angels of the Zariman update, a new craftable warframe allows you to blow up enemies in no time.




The Angels of the Zariman update in Warframe introduces a new character called Gyre. You can obtain her by completing bounties on the Zariman. Her blueprint is awarded from the highest tier bounty. Currently, Gyre is one of the strongest Warframes in the game. If you want to get your hands on Gyre, follow the guide below.

How to Get Gyre in Warframe (Angels of the Zariman Bounty Guide)

You can obtain Gyre’s Blueprints via the new Zariman Bounties found in the Chrysalith, the new hub location.

However, you need to finish the Angels of Zariman quest first before you can reach this area. The quest will introduce a new set of characters as well as a new Syndicate that calls the Chrysalith their home. The NPC Quinn may be found in the Chrysalith, where you can pick up the new Zariman Bounties.

Zariman Bounties

As stated above, Gyre can be obtained through bounties on the Zariman. Different bounty tiers grant different Gyre pieces, with the highest bounty tier rewarding you with her blueprint. All pieces are uncommon drops.

To get her, you will need the following items:

  • Gyre Blueprint: Zariman tier 4 bounties (crafting time: 72 hours)
    • 25,000 Credits
    • 1 Gyre Neuroptics
    • 1 Gyre Chassis
    • 1 Gyre Systems
    • 3 Orokin Shells
  • Gyre Neuroptics: Zariman Tier 1 Bounties (crafting time: 12 hours)
    • 15,000 Credits
    • 6 Neural Sensors
    • 300 Thrax Plasm
    • 60 Voidgel Orb
    • 4,500 Plastids
  • Gyre Chassis: Zariman Tier 2 Bounties (crafting time: 12 hours)
    • 15,000 Credits
    • 8 Morphics
    • 500 Thrax Plasm
    • 12 Entrati Lanthorn
    • 3,300 Alloy Plate
  • Gyre Systems: Zariman Tier 3 Bounties (crafting time: 12 hours)
    • 15,000 Credits
    • 2 Argon Crystals
    • 300 Thrax Plasm
    • 40 Voidplume Quill
    • 6,500 Ferrite

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