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Warframe Zariman: Solo Farm Void Angels

Void Angels are the new boss enemies in Warframe’s Angels of the Zariman update.




As the name suggests, Warframe’s Angels of the Zariman update introduces a new boss called Void Angels. They are considered mini-bosses and will spawn on Zariman missions. Void Angels, which you will first encounter in the new story quest, award you Voidplume Pinions. These are high-tier Voidplumes needed for specific crafting recipes or increasing your Standing with the new Syndicate.

Solo Farm Void Angels in Warframe Zariman

Void Angels are mini-bosses you’ll find in Zariman missions. Even before the fight begins, you’ll already feel the danger they bring as their song can be heard through the Zariman’s halls, eventually turning into screams as you get closer to their position.

To ultimately defeat a Void Angel, you will need to swap into your Operator to enter a pocket dimension of The Void and fight its true form. Below is a quick and simple guide on how to defeat Void Angels alone.

Void Angel Solo Farm

To solo farm Void Angels, you will need to focus on your gear. The goal is to defeat the mini-boss as fast as possible, skipping some of its phases in the process.

For this to happen, you may want to use Madurai; Void Strike and Corroding Strike are both recommended.

The latter on Madurai can make enemies more vulnerable to Operator Damage in general.

When it comes to Amps, the Certus Brace and Virtuous Strike increase your crit damage which is crucial to quickly defeat Void Angels.

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