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Warframe: How to Defeat Void Angel Boss Guide In Minutes

The Void Angel is the newest miniboss that’s introduced to Warframe via the Angels of Zariman update.




The Void Angel is one of the latest additions to the Warframe universe which got introduced with the Angels of Zariman. As a completely new miniboss, a lot of players have been struggling to defeat it simply because they don’t know the mechanics for the fight.

Surprisingly, the entire fight is actually pretty easy and can even be completed in just a minute. Let’s find out how.

How to Defeat Void Angel Boss Guide in Minutes in Warframe

The game will alert you anytime the Void Angel spawns, so you should be able to come to its location as quickly as possible. Now, once you initiate the fight, all you need to do is attack it as you would with other enemies in the game.

Then, once you manage to bring it down to half health, you’ll notice that an orb will appear above its head. You’ll have to be in Operator mode for this. All you have to do is go to that orb by using Void Sling toward it or simply just walk toward it to teleport you into another dimension and continue the fight.

Continuing the Fight

At this point, you’ll have to fight the Ravenous Void Angel this time. You will then notice three orbs spawning at its back. What you want to do is go through them and hit them with your Operator’s body to destroy them. After they’re destroyed, you can then kill the Ravenous Void Angel normally.

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