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Warframe: Secrets that Will Improve Your Loot in Angels of Zariman

Warframe: Angels Of Zariman is a free-to-play action role-playing third-person game on a quest to fight against the Grineer and, in the process, win elements, grab loots, and smash significant progress goals.




The Angels Of Zariman has all its actions unfolding on the Zariman; a once peaceful ship that holds lots of ceremonial weapons that could come in handy in your quest. These weapons and other loot are aboard the ship, and these secrets will guide and help you improve your loot in the game.

Secrets That Will Improve Your Loot In Angels Of Zariman – Warframe

The Zariman has lots to offer as you run around completing missions and quests. Getting loots aboard the ship can also be known as farming, and these are tips that will make your farming or looting much better.

Turn On The Lamps

When running around on the ship, you might see lamps lying around. Turn on these lamps to produce spectral children to guide you to treasure aboard the ship. These can include void bloom veins or somachord fragments on new tracks with the most recent updates. You can even get ayaton sculptures with the guidance of spectral children.

Zarium Accolade

Also, you can get a Zarium accolade that lies around during specific missions. You’ll hear a chiming to signify that an Zarium accolade is nearby, and when you get hold of one, take it to a nearby cephalon terminal. This will get you a void plume quill treasure. The spectral children can also lead you to void plume quills, and there are eight fragments aboard the ship.

Void Angels

You’ll also get these on specific missions, and you can awaken these angels to engage in combat and farm specific drops. Although the angels are gotten on specific missions, they can spawn on any mission type at intervals to help you farm.

Locked Doors With Splits

Some doors aboard the Zariman appear locked but have splits in them. These splits allow you to shoot a red panel that helps the door open. However, you can destroy some doors directly that reveal pathways to get you to seemingly inaccessible rooms. You’ll find more loots in these rooms.

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