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Tunic: How to Get Teleport Dash

Progressing through Tunic requires a lot of abilities that are only accessible in the ladder portions of the game, one of them being the Teleport Dash.




There are a lot of places in the world of Tunic you can only access using the Teleport Dash. But how can you get it?

How to Get Teleport Dash in Tunic

How to Get Teleport Dash in Tunic

To get the Teleport Dash ability, you need a special item called Hero’s Laurel. It can be obtained only after collecting all three crystals unlocking the sealed temple. This will unlock a lot of things in the overworld, as well as give you access to the cathedral dungeon, where the Hero’s Laurel is located.

The Old Burying Ground

How to Get Teleport Dash in Tunic

After losing the fight with the Heir, you’ll notice that the overworld has completely changed, giving you access to a location called the old burying ground, which you can fight in the southeastern portion of the map. There is a big pillar blocking the entrance, but at this point of the game, it should move out of the way when you approach it.

Treasure of the Cathedral

How to Get Teleport Dash in Tunic

Following the purple ornaments on the ground should lead you to the cathedral. Now, you’ll need to progress to the deepest parts of the dungeon, where you should find a room with six statues. Interacting with each of those will summon enemies you’ll need to defeat, and defeating all six groups will reward you with a chest containing the Hero’s Laurel, giving you the Teleport Dash ability.

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