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Tunic: How to Get a Gun

In a fantasy setting, a gun is bound to be extremely powerful, and it happens that there is one to find in Tunic.




Out of the many weapons that drain your magic meter in Tunic, the Gun is one of the most powerful ones. However, it might be a difficult to find, especially if you’re planning to use it early on in the game.

How to Get a Gun in Tunic

The Gun is located in the lower portion of the quarry, in the northwest corner of the location, close to the three scavengers doing target practice. You can get there early In the game by using the secret passage at the Overworld’s mountain top. This passage is located on the left site of the moss-covered wall left from the old house.

Of course, getting to the quarry without the gas mask will make the search for a gun very difficult. The miasma will quickly drain your HP, so unless you really want this weapon, you should consider skipping it until reaching the quarry during the main story. However, getting the weapon early will unlock the “Bring it to the Wrong Fight” achievement, so it’s worth doing at least once.

Using the Gun in Tunic

The Gun is a secondary weapon in Tunic. It uses up a lot of magic points with each shot, but in most cases, it also kills anything it hits instantly. It fires three shot in an arc, making it a very precise weapon.

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